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Information & Communication Technology

You want expert implementation and proactive management of your information and technology systems.

  • You own a small or medium business but would like a computer network that supports your short term business needs and is aligned with your long term business goals.
  • You want to manage your email and calendar from your phone and want this implemented in your business team.

  • You need network and data management infrastructure to satisfy your IT needs. This will typically include services like secure data storage as well as secure, managed internet accessibility.
  • You need incremental backups of your company's critical project data.

We set up, manage and support your complete ICT solution for you. We ensure all your technology related needs are proactively managed.

How ITE Solves Your ICT problems

What our clients say:

...we have always received excellent service from ITE and trust that we will receive the same in the future

Simons and Lee Architects

Our company’s IT needs are handled professionally and efficiently by Integrity Engineering’s highly competent team! Integrity Engineering is a key role player in our business success and service offering to our clients. We have been using their services for the past 3 years and have seen a dramatic improvement in all aspects of our IT systems. Their support is unparalleled and confirms their business name as being a team with high integrity and commitment to their clients.

Ascor Independent Wealth Management

Success Stories

Some of our clients & the solutions we provide & support


Bartsch Architects is a well established architectural firm located in Pretoria, South Africa. In 2009 ITE took over the management of their network infrastructure. Their servers were also replaced with Cisco infrastructure in conjunction with reliable Linux servers. A comprehensive backup protocol was put in place to ensure quality backups of data.

Bartsch Architects


Sakhiwo Health Solutions provides an all-inclusive health facilities infrastructure development. ITE has been involved with Sakhiwo in the past few years providing comprehensive ICT services. These include network and server installations over three different sites as well as desktop support for the these sites. Sakhiwo makes use of our On-Track (link to On-Track landing page) business management system for their professional time and project expense tracking. We also serve as domain administrators for their website. As project managers we oversee their entire ICT infrastructure as well as third party installations when necessary.

Sakhiwo Health Solutions


Simons and Lee is an architects company located in Sasolburg, South Africa. ITE was appointed and currently provides network as well as desktop support for them. This site boasts Cisco infrastructure in conjunction with Linux server providing a stable infrastructure.

Simons and Lee Architects

What we do for our clients

From the startup of ITE, we have set out to combine best of breed technology solutions to provide network, server and desktop support. Our aim is to provide a hassle free environment which enables the client to leverage the power of technology without the frustration of poor infrastructure. We have expertise on the following types of system: Windows, Apple Mac and Linux.

With comprehensive monitoring of critical infrastructure we can ensure maximum uptime as well as quick response should challenges arise. We also provide computer hardware and software sales to ensure that we present a comprehensive solution for each of our customers. With true expertise in our field including B.Eng degrees specialising in ICT as well as B.IT degrees, we are equipped to deal with your business specific ICT needs.

Our focus is not only developing and implementing solutions, but also on performing the function of proactively managing your ICT infrastructure for you. We see ourselves as our client’s technology partner. We build long-term relationships with our clients and help them grow their business by taking responsibility for managing all technology elements. This includes, for example, dealing with printer specialists as well as website hosts. We also provide the ITE Virtual service which enables us to build websites that align with your business goals.

More about our team

Our personnel make up the heart and soul of the company. Learn more about them and get in touch. They are passionate about their fields and would love to hear from you.

Pieter van Staden

Dev Ops & Technical Support
Tel: 082 328 9922
Email: pvs@iteonline.co.za

Moses Maisela

Technical Support

Franszo Faul

Solution Design
Design Engineer
B.Eng Comp


My role in ITE is 2-fold. Firstly I am passionate about starting new relationships with potential customers, listening to their needs and coming up with innovative solutions to their everyday ICT and software problems. Secondly I enjoy the responsibility of directing the company with my fellow directors. Get in touch with us and become part of the family!

Elrich Faul

Solution Design
Design Engineer
B.Eng Comp


As a holder of a Computer Engineering degree (B.Eng Computer) from the University of Pretoria, I am highly qualified in the areas of electronic design, software design and all aspects of IT and ICT. In the past 5 years I have been focusing on developing an exemplary company focusing on diverse technology solutions.

André Venter

Solution Design
Senior Solution Architect
BTech Eng


My role in ITE is 3-fold. Firstly I am passionate about the product development process. I really enjoy helping customers think through their business requirements and articulating it clearly. Secondly I enjoy the responsibility of guiding the Best Practices standards and procedures for software development. And finally I love programming. For me, it is creative writing. I strive every day to be better at this craft.

Mauritz Kruger

Solution Design
Software Engineer


My role at ITE is the development and maintainance of static/dynamic websites, creating/updating well defined databases and helping users with their website related questions. I also like to help clients with other computer related issues where I can.

Jean-Paul de Beer

Solution Design
Software Engineer
BIS Multimedia


I am passionate about web technologies, trends in animation and design and the creation of unique solutions and systems for our clients. I work in conjunction with our other developers to create solutions for our clients and maintain and update these systems for optimal performance and satisfaction.

Albert van Niekerk

Solution Design
Software Engineer


My role in ITE is working the strings behind the scenes of the products we create. I am passionate about finding creative and effective ways to solving problems so that we can have more time to spend with the people we love doing the things that make us feel alive.

Pieter van Staden

Technical Support
Support Consultant


I'm passionate about helping other people in life and that's why I love my work. I get to help people every day with their computer needs (IT Support) and make life easier for them in any possible way I can.

Moses Maisela

Technical Support
Support Consultant


We believe that we are on the face of the earth to make great products and that's not changing. We are constantly focusing on innovating. We believe in the simple not the complex. We believe that we need to own and control the primary technologies behind the products that we make, and participate only in markets where we can make a significant contribution.

Nicholas Grobler

Ite Virtual
Functional Website Design and Conversion


I have 10 years of experience working in multiple Internet business related disciples and have an in depth understanding of most things Internet. My passion is to work with small to medium sized business owners and help them use the power of the Internet effectively to grow their business bottom line. I approach web design with a functional business development model.

Tiaan van Wyk

Graphic Design
Web Design/Developer


Beautiful things work better... I spend most of my time making things look and feel more beautiful. I am passionate about design; finding ways to represent things in a new and fresh way; representing our clients and their businesses more accurate visually. I prefer to say little, and let the design speak for itself. Oh, and did I mention, I enjoy making things look beautiful!

Name Surname

Job Description


My role in ITE is 2-fold. Firstly I am passionate about starting new relationships with potential customers, listening to their needs and coming up with innovative solutions to their everyday ICT and software problems. Secondly I enjoy the responsibility of directing the company with my fellow directors. Get in touch with us and become part of the family!