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We can.TM
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Slide The world is changing.
The only way a company can remain
relevant in a changing world is by
successfully adapting along with it.


By using data science to respond accurately. Data science is the key to processing, analysing and drawing meaningful insights out of raw data.Integrity Engineering (ITE) is a software engineering company that applies science to your company’s raw data in order to help solve unique challenges in your business.

Because without science, data is simply noise.
About Us Why ITE Case Studies Our Clients Reach Out Data Science:
Engineering the future
Why your business needs
Data Science
Imagine being able to analyse which markets your company should be pursuing...Better yet, imagine being able to make concrete predictions on what your company’s future would look like if you did? That Exco meeting would be considerably short and it’s outcome fairly obvious. These, and countless more benefits, are all possible with data science. The advantages of data science
stretch far deeper than what
can be seen above the surface.

Slide About Us Why ITE Case Studies Our Clients Reach Out No more confusion. You already have all the answers you need to make the best and most insightful decisions for your business’ future. The only problem is that they are hidden between streams of unorganised data. Let’s help bring clarity to and control over your data using science.

No more confusion. No more bottle-necks. No more waste.
Schedule an appointment with ITE now! Just business as it should be: Effective! Data used the right way leads
to advanced knowledge.
We engineer unique software solutions that distill
data scientifically and amplify the right data in the
right sequence.

There are no other data
management software packages
available that offers a complete
solution to our needs. Only WIMS!

Principal Geohydrologist, Anglo American
The clients that trust us

You have to monitor data to
manage effectively.

Principal Geohydrologist, Anglo American

ITE has the ability to bring the
different specialised needs together
and develop the right software.

Principal Geohydrologist, Anglo American
Potential is everywhere... Data science in education

We could apply data science to develop
software that could:

Track study habits •
Close the gap between teachers/ •
lecturers and students  
Improve course material •
Better manage facilities •
Gain a 360 degree view •
of a student’s progress  
Optimise classroom space •
Save money and resources •
Reach Out!
If you are looking for a software develop-
ment company to create and design a
great App for your business, you’ve come
to the wrong place.

But if you are looking for software engineers
capable of inventing an advanced yet
user-friendly software solution to interpret
your data scientifically, ITE is for you!